Malibu surfers upcast, cast, and Malibu’s new-age vibe, according to owner

The Malibu Surf Shop has been serving Malibu residents since 2004.

The shop has expanded to the east coast, opening a new location in San Jose, Calif.

last year.

A new Malibu location in Santa Cruz is scheduled for next month.

The shop’s owner says he started selling his surf gear in a Malibu apartment in 2011, and is now a proud Malibu resident.

“The surf gear is the only thing that really sets me apart,” said Steve Zavadlo.

Malibu’s surfers are embracing the new-school vibe, and Zavadslo says he’s getting more than his share of surfers to come in for a visit.

One thing that is getting the most use out of the shop is the new beach chair that was recently installed.

It’s made of a lightweight mesh material, which allows the surfers a seat, which Zavadeslo says is great.

Zavadloes surf shop has a large surfboard on display, and he said he’s seen more than 50 surfers use the board during their time at the shop.

This is not the first time Zavaldlos has expanded his business.

In 2016, he opened a new Malicious Surf Shop, and this year, he expanded his shop to the San Jose area, with a new store in the Marina Bay neighborhood.

While the store may be getting new customers, Zavada has noticed a decrease in surfers leaving the surf shop to visit his new surf shop.

Zavadios customers are often in the store during their visits, and sometimes they’ll also make purchases from his store on their way out of town.

When I first opened Malicious, it was a lot of fun, but now I think it’s a little too much for a small town like Malibu.

But we’ll definitely keep trying to keep it fresh.

On Monday, ZAvadlo opened the new Malice Surf Shop in downtown Malibu, which he says is the most popular shop he’s opened since Malibu opened.

We’re really excited about the Malice surf shop opening in Malibu and it’s going to be a really great experience for our Malibu community,” Zavadelo said.

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