Why it’s not the surf that counts, says surf photographer

As the city of San Francisco gears up to welcome the holiday season, many of its residents have been taking the beach vacation as if it were their holiday.

But a new report from the Associated Press shows that even as the number of surfers in the city has increased, the city’s economy has shrunk.

In 2016, San Francisco was the second-largest tourist destination in the world, after Los Angeles.

But since the start of the year, the number in the region has plummeted to just 2,700.

The report says this has been a boon for a business called Surf For Cars, which provides surfboard rentals for cars in San Francisco’s Mission District.

And the number has only increased since January, when the company was founded.

Last year, it rented out about 300 cars, a third of them rented for more than $2,000.

But this year, about 50 percent of the cars were rented out for $1,000 or less.

That was down from about 100 percent in 2015.

The company has not reported revenue since January.

Surf For Cars spokesman David Ebert said the company’s sales have dropped as much as 80 percent in the past two months.

Ebert said most of its cars are still in San Diego.

Surfer on Acid says its new customers are mostly older adults, and the business is struggling to stay afloat.

Ebert’s sister, Jennifer Ebert, says she’s also not surprised at the decline.

She said she thinks it’s because the economy is so bad that people don’t want to travel.

“People are starting to think of their vacation as a vacation,” she said.

She’s also concerned that the lack of people to travel on the beach is causing more people to take advantage of a loophole that allows tourists to rent a car for the duration of their trip.

Eberts sister said her family recently booked a ride on a bus, which cost $2 per hour, for the weekend.

She said she would be willing to pay even more if it meant she could stay in San Jose and enjoy the city as she did the previous weekend.

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