Why Are Surfing’s Top Women Still Not in the News

Are you interested in the women who surf?

Or are you just wondering if you’ll ever get to meet them?

If so, the answer to that question is no, according to Surfing, the most popular website for women who want to surf.

Surfing is not a women-only club, Surfing spokesperson Erin Tompkins told The Hollywood Reporter, and it does not offer scholarships or any sort of recognition for surfers.

Tompks says Surfing does not even have a formal program for women in the industry.

Surfers are not featured on the site’s front page, which lists the top 20 women surfers of the world, Tompkin said.

The website’s content also does not highlight women’s bodies or the bodies of their peers, Toms said.

“The way Surfing sees women is that they’re just like the other women.

They’re all just as beautiful as the next woman, and that’s not true,” Tompkins said.

Women, like women, can have a career and a family, and women do get to compete against each other, Tomkins said.

But, she said, Surfing is a “club for women.”

Tompinks said women are represented in the site “in all shapes, sizes and ethnicities.”

While the website does feature women who are “more like other women than like women,” Toms explained, that doesn’t mean they’re not included.

For example, one of the site aunts is from Spain, Tomes said, and one of her sisters is a professional surfer in Spain.

Surfs also aren’t necessarily the only women who make waves.

One of the women on the front page of Surfing was actually the first female surfer to go pro in the United States.

In the past decade, surfing has become increasingly popular among women, with women in all walks of life competing to be the first to reach the top of the surfing world.

Women in Surfing also do not get paid, Tomaks said.

Toms also said that while surfing is not women only club, it does provide an opportunity for women to compete and have fun.

Tomes added that Surfing offers women “a place to learn about and participate in the sport of surfing” and “to share their knowledge and skills.”

Toms has seen some of the backlash to Surfings content.

Some have taken issue with the fact that women aren’t listed as the top female surfers on the website, saying that they would not be given a spot on the top list, as they are women.

Some people have called Surfing “toxic,” referring to the site as a “feminist hate site.”

Tommas response to these negative comments was that she believes there are “too many female surfists” on the page, and “the problem isn’t that they aren’t there, it’s that they are not represented.”

Tomes also pointed out that women have made waves on Surfing before.

In 2013, she was on the cover of Surf Magazine, and in 2014, she took home a bronze medal at the U.S. Surfer Championships in Florida.

Tommassie said that surfing has been a major part of her life since she was a little girl.

“I love surfing, I love surfing and I love being a part of Surflines women,” she said.

And, Tommissie said, surfers can be part of the solution to issues like gender parity in the surfing industry.

“Women surf,” she added.

“It is a sport.

It is a great way to meet other women who have similar passions.”

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