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by Lad Bible article In this installment of our series on surf and diving, we have another guest who has a story to tell about his first time diving.

The first time I took my first dive, I had just come from a long day of teaching at the University of the Philippines in Davao City, where I had been on a semester long study abroad assignment.

I was very anxious about diving, especially at night, because of all the mosquitos in the city.

So I took a dive at 4:30 in the morning, hoping to find the perfect spot.

I did not expect to find anything, except the ocean.

The spot is a little hard to describe.

I have been on the water for an hour and a half and I could see that I was in a very deep ocean.

I could hear the sea.

The wind was blowing, but I could not see anything.

I tried to stand on a rock, but the rock would not move.

The rocks were hard to get to, so I went down to the water surface and sat on a piece of beach.

I sat there for about three minutes.

After three minutes, I noticed that the surface was soft, and I looked to see if I could stand up on the beach.

The water was so soft and watery, I could barely breathe.

At this point, I started to panic.

I went to the beach, and was surprised to see the water was still soft.

I started asking around, trying to find anyone who could tell me what happened.

My friends had already told me, that I should be on the shore.

So, I went back to the place I started at.

I went out to the shore and tried to climb down.

But I was already up on my knees, because there was so much water in the water.

I tried to crawl down and to stand, but there was no way.

So at this point I was still scared.

I couldn’t breathe.

I asked some friends of mine, but they did not know what was happening.

At that point, the tide started to change, and it was dark.

I looked around and saw people walking towards me.

They told me that the waves were coming up on me.

I felt so bad, because I was standing on a sandbar.

They said, you need to stay calm, because the tide was coming up.

I saw people standing in front of me and I was afraid that I would get swept away.

They warned me to stay in the sand, but that is not what I was thinking.

I kept thinking about the other people.

I thought, I have to get out of the sandbar because there is a wave coming.

I stayed in the beach and waited.

I felt so scared.

But my friends came and they helped me get out.

They were very helpful and they told me to go to the hospital.

I took them to the hospitals and the doctors gave me some tests.

I took a test for dyspnea.

It turned out that I have a dyspneic lung, which is an abnormal lung, and the doctor said, I can fix it.

He put a mask on me, but it was not enough.

I had to take medication.

The doctors said, You can do it with a breathing machine, or a respirator.

They gave me a respirators.

But they told my family to keep me inside the hospital until I can go to a hospital, which took two hours.

My family was so worried, and they said, No, no, we will not let you go.

I still felt scared, because we had been in the hospital a long time.

The day before, I was not even able to swim in the pool, because it was very deep.

I got out of my hospital, and went to my home, because my wife had to leave the country.

I said, Can you take me to the local swimming pool?

I went to a local swimming place, and there was a big pool.

I decided to swim there.

The pool was small, and we went to swim for a while.

At first, I didn’t want to go.

There were some big waves coming up, and so I thought that I could drown, but instead, I felt great.

I thought, it is good to have a big wave.

So when I finally reached the pool and started swimming, the waves hit me and pushed me into the water, and that was the end of it.

At the end, I got out and went back home.

I got a big bump on my head, and my head hurt.

I woke up the next morning, and all of a sudden, my family was calling me, saying that my sister had drowned in the swimming pool.

My family and friends came, and told me what had happened, and what they had done.

They started praying for me, telling me that God was with me.

So many people came to my house and said, We pray for

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