Month: July 2021

‘Surf casting rod’ surfer casting rods to help fight Hawaii drought

On a recent morning, Kauai’s surf casting rod crew were in the process of installing a new surf casting device.The rod is a metal rod that is placed into a metal box with a hole cut in it to allow the surf to pass through.KauaŹ»i County residents, who have been casting for years, have been […]

How to surf the Internet without buying anything from Amazon, Ebay, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, and Google?

Here’s how to surf all the major internet services without buying a new computer, phone, TV, tablet, laptop, or even a TV set.The main reasons why you shouldn’t buy a computer, a smartphone, or a TV in this article include:Buying a new phone doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to surf online.That’s because most of […]

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