Which Dog Is Your Favorite? Dog surfing and scoping

Dog surfing, scoping, and dog surfing are all terms that describe surfing a particular dog.

While they’re all fun and useful, we think scoping can be a bit of a tricky concept to grasp.

And while dog surfing can be done by simply standing on the edge of a cliff, scopping involves standing in a certain area and then taking out a certain dog tag, which you’ll need to get to within the confines of the tag.

But if you’re in the mood for a bit more serious dog surfing and a bit less puppy surfing, then we have an article for you.

We’ve gathered the best dog surfing dog tags available online, sorted them by the most important elements (such as size, design, or features) and rated them.

There are also some great dog tags that aren’t on the list, but are great for the beginner or intermediate dog owner, as well.

If you’ve got some extra dog tags to give, check out our guide to dog tags for beginners.

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