A little history of Matunuck Surf’s fishing rods

By Bethany Hamilton | Staff WriterThe Matunucks have been fishing rods for decades.

We love to fish in our backyards in Matunucky, New Hampshire.

It’s just a fun hobby and we enjoy it, but sometimes it gets lonely.

One day, we decided to find something a little more practical to help keep our spirits up.

We wanted a rod that would be durable and easy to use.

So we decided on fishing rods made of the same material as our fishing nets.

The Matuns used a combination of metal rods and composite rods.

These rods have been used for fishing and other outdoor sports since the 1960s.

But these rods also come in a few different colors and sizes.

One of our favorite rods was a black, white and red rod.

Matunuck Fishing Rods, Inc. is one of many companies that makes fishing rods.

The company has fishing rods in more than 50 colors and styles.

The rods that Matunups makes are manufactured in North Carolina.

There, the company’s factory has been in operation for about 20 years.

We decided to see how these rods would hold up to the elements and were pleased to see that they held up well.

It didn’t take long for the Matuns to notice the different fishing rods they were making.

They sent us samples to check and were able to determine that the rods we tested were in good shape.

The company says that the quality of their fishing rods is high and that they are available in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India and parts of Asia.

The matunucks fishing rods are made from heavy-duty steel rods that are also coated with a proprietary coating that allows the rods to stay put in the water.

They also have a special nylon coating that makes them resistant to water splashes.

The mats are made of a plastic that is durable enough for a long fishing trip.

The matunuck fishing rods have a wide, sturdy head, which means that they don’t float, but it also means that the rod can be held and moved about in the sea.

There is a special rod that comes with the fishing rod that is called the “Matunucks” rod.

The rod is made from two halves that are made up of different materials.

The rod is a piece of solid steel with a thin, plastic backing.

The top part of the rod is the heavy-diameter steel and is used for catching fish.

The bottom part is made of lightweight plastic and is made up from a thin metal rod with a polyethylene backing.

There are two different types of fishing rods that we tested.

The Matunugas are made for fishing, while the Matunooks are made to be used for other recreational purposes.

The fishing rods and mats are sold by Matunucked Fishing Rod and Mfg.

Co. The products are sold at Matunucket locations and online.

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