Why did a woman have to be rescued from a subway in Dublin?

This was a beautiful day for commuters in Dublin.

A train was on the platform, and it was packed with commuters who were enjoying the ride. 

“The trains are a lot safer than the bus because they are so long and they are really close together,” said one commuter.

The first commuter to get on board the train was a young woman, who was in her late teens or early twenties.

She was travelling with her boyfriend, who is an electrician and she had booked a ticket to see a film in the city centre.

She had a ticket for €10 and it came with a €3 discount.

“She said, ‘Can I get a discount on the train?'” one of the passengers asked her.

With a sigh, she explained that it was because she was in the “busiest area”.

“I’m sorry, I can’t do that.

It’s not like a subway,” she said.

A few minutes later, another passenger offered to offer a discount.

She wanted to give the lady a ride to the airport because it was only 30 minutes away, and the other passengers seemed to agree.

The woman got off the train and walked up to the lady.

“She was so excited and excited,” she explained.

“I was just a bit shocked because I’m sure that she’s used to the trains, and she knew exactly where to go.”

The woman had to wait for about 20 minutes for a train to come back to the platform.

Once on the ground, the woman had a bit of trouble getting the fare back.

It took her about 30 minutes to get back to her home in Dublin and then, in an effort to ease her nerves, she said she asked the lady to take her to a different train.

Her boyfriend said, “Don’t you worry, she will come and pick you up in another hour”.

This lady had a tough time getting her fare back to Dublin.

She had to walk a little ways, she added, to get to the other train.

“I’ve never been on a train this crowded,” she told RTE News at the time.

“It’s almost like a war zone.

There are lots of people who just sit there and do nothing.”

She said that she had to be separated from her boyfriend and was left alone with the man, who asked her if she wanted to buy a ticket.

She said she told him she was happy to wait a little while for another train.

“They had a lot of people there, I had to look for a ticket, I didn’t want to sit there all day,” she added.

When she finally got on the other car, the lady said she was glad she had made the effort to make the trip.

She thanked her boyfriend for helping her and said she would go to see the movie with him.

While this lady may have been having a rough time, it was not all bad.

She managed to get a ride home with her new boyfriend, and now they are going to go to the movies together.

Source: RTE / RTENews

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