How to Make Surfer Dude Toys for Your Son

The Surfer dude toys that you’ve heard of can be a lot of fun to make.

Whether it’s a surfboard, a surf helmet, a helmet-shaped figure, or a surf-themed figure, there are tons of great toys out there to make your kids happy and a fun way to share a toy with their friends.

Here’s how to make the most of them.

Surfer dudes toy instructions What you need: One Surfer Buddy toy (if you’re making them yourself) Two sets of instructions For the instructions, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Take two sets of surfboard instructions.

You can find these in many stores, or you can find them on the Internet.

Step 2: Place the surfboard instruction on the surf board, and then place a button on the right side of the surf-board.

Step 3: Place a button, called a button switch, on the left side of your surfboard.

This will flip the surf boards side, and make it look like the surfboards side has flipped over.

Step 4: Take the button switch and turn it over to the right, and the button will turn over to your surf board.

Step 5: Now place a second button on each surf board side.

This button switch should look like a circle.

Step 6: Place buttons that look like these on your surf boards sides, and you’re done.

This step is important, because you’re going to be placing them on your surfing boards, so you’ll want to make sure that your surfboards sides are facing the same direction.

This is where you’ll put the button switches.

The buttons will look like this: Left, Left, Right, Right.

If you want to do a different button switch on your right side, you can either place the button on your board that’s facing the opposite direction, or place it on the opposite surf board to make it a button that looks like this (it should be the same color): Right, Left.

If there’s no button on one side, just place the same button on both sides.

Step 7: Now, place the surf toy on the side that is facing the direction of the button.

Place the button in the middle of the board.

(This is also a good time to place the paddle on the paddle switch.

The paddle switch should be on the other side of each surfboard.)

Step 8: Place another button on top of the paddle, and that button switch will look something like this.

Step 9: Place one button on a corner of the boards side.

Place another paddle on top, and put the paddle to the left of the paddles left corner.

(Make sure the paddle is facing right.)

Now place one button and one paddle on each of the two corners.

Step 10: Place two paddle switches on each corner of your board, like this, and your Surfer Dudes are ready to go!

Step 11: Place your surf toy.

The top paddle should be facing the front, the bottom paddle facing the back.

The paddles buttons should be in the same line.

You should be able to see the paddle switches, paddle switch sides, paddle switches buttons, and paddle switches paddle.

(If you don’t have a surf board that is set up like this before, you may have to remove the paddle paddle switch, as the paddle paddles are going to look weird in the picture.)

This is what your surfing board looks like after the Surfer dudes are set up.

The surf board will look similar to this, except now the paddle sides are reversed.

You’re now ready to paint the surf toys.

You don’t need to paint them until you get the right colors.

For the paint job, use white paint to get the desired look.

Then paint the edges of the plastic surf board with a light yellow paint, and apply the paint to the paint.

Repeat for the paddle side.

The paint should be applied on the back of the face.

You want to leave a bit of paint on the sides of the toy, so make sure to leave enough paint on them to make up for any uneven paint.

Step 12: After the paint is dry, it’s time to apply the surfy foam to the surf duds.

You do this by dipping a plastic spatula in the foam, and pressing the spatula down with the spatulae back and forth.

This should make a very sticky spray.

Step 13: Once you’re happy with the look of your surfing toy, you’re ready to get to work.

Take your surf toys surf board and attach a paddle switch to it.

Now you’ll need to put some foam on top.

Take some paint from the side of one of your Surf Buddy toys, and place a paddle on that side.

You may want to paint your paddle switch as well, to give it that surfy look.

Step 14: Make sure the surf Buddy toy has a paddle.

Place a paddle, paddleswitch, paddle on

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