When the Silver Surfer Returns to the Movies

The Silver Surf movie franchise is back on the silver screen.

Silver Surfing has been one of the most popular genres of surfing ever since it debuted in 1967, but the sequel, Silver Surger, is coming to theaters in 2019.

The Silver Surflings will feature the original cast of the first movie, and also include former Surfer Tyler Williams (The Mummy, Gladiator) as the director, and Mark Tromp (Rent, My Name Is Earl) as producer.

The film will be produced by Lionsgate.

Silver-haired and bearded surfers will be featured in the film as well, and a trailer will be released on May 18th.

This will mark the second time the Silver Surf franchise has been featured on screen, as the first film, Silver Silver Surfrider, was released in 2016.

This film follows an alien invasion that puts Surfing into a dangerous tailspin.

Surfing is forced to adapt to the new world order, and Surfing returns to the ocean with a vengeance, and finds new life and treasure in the new, terrifyingly beautiful world of surf.

The film will star Chris Pratt, Aubrey Plaza, Sean Gunn, John Leguizamo, and James McAvoy.

It will be directed by John Williams and starring Bryce Dessner as the Surfer.

It is set for a May 18, 2019 release date.

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