Which team will be the next big player on the wave?

Surfs up Chicago has been on the rise with the influx of players over the past few years.

While the city’s surf scene is not yet at its peak, its a good time to be an adult in the water and it seems that the next wave will be bigger than ever.

While most of the surfers are in their late teens and early 20s, a few of the newer stars in the city are already turning heads and bringing the sport a whole new level of excitement.1.

Jordon RuckerJordon Ruckers first name is synonymous with surfing and he has been doing it since childhood.

His father, the late Tony Rucker, was a surfer, and he always wanted to become one.

When he grew up, he took surfing lessons and went to his first major wave in 1996 at the age of 11.

In 2002, he won the Chicago Surf League championship.

Since then, he has won two major awards, and in 2014, he became the youngest man ever to win the World Surf League title.

Ruckrs first wave of the 2016 season, the second biggest wave of his career, was one of the most dominant waves of his young career.

In the process, he broke the world record for most waves in a row, which stands at more than 10,000.

Rucker also had a few memorable moments during his career.

Rucks first World Surf World title came in 2017.

He was able to score a big wave and break the world surfing record that he held for 10 years.

He then went on to win two more titles and then the World Surfing League title in 2018.

Rucked has won more than 400 events in the past seven years and has become a household name in the sport.2.

Andrew HoughAndrew Hough has been surfing for more than 15 years.

The first time he surfed was at a young age.

In 2010, Hough was a freshman in high school in California and had never even heard of the sport of surfing.

At the time, surfing was just starting to grow in popularity and Hough decided to take surfing seriously.

He went on a mission to get himself into the sport and, after one year of surfing and training, he earned the right to compete in the world’s biggest surf event, the WSBK World Championship.

Hough’s wave was a world record, breaking the world mark for most wave in a single wave with more than 13,000 feet.

Hays next wave was the biggest wave ever recorded at the time.

Hous second biggest moment was the record break of the 2015 World Surfer of the Year title.

He broke the record in 2017 by breaking the record of 11,800 feet, which is the longest wave in the WSSBK history.

Haugh has won a total of 15 world titles and five world championships.3.

Mike HoughMike Houghs first wave at the 2018 World Surf Championships was a record breaking one that stands at 11,200 feet.

After two years of surfing, Hought broke the records for most surfed wave of a season and world records for longest wave of any wave.

Hought then won a record five world titles in 2017 and 2018.

Hight is currently a four time World Surf Champion, with four titles at the World Championships and two World Surfs titles at WSSBs World Championships.4.

Alex HoughAlex Hough started surfing at the ripe old age of 15.

His first big wave came in 2005 and Hought was able not only to beat his record of 10,500 feet but also beat his world record of 9,000 by a huge margin.

In 2008, Hight won the World Supersports title by a record margin and he also won two World Superports titles.

Haughts second wave at WSB was his best wave of 2018 and Hight went on the record breaking streak of 11 straight waves, which holds the record for the longest streak of waves ever recorded.

Highting is currently one of only three men to have the record with four of the five worlds records he has currently broken.5.

Nick HoughNick Hough first wave in 2017 was one that set the world breaking record.

Nick went on an epic run to win WSB in his second year.

His second wave of 2017 was the most impressive in his career to date.

Hould was able break the record that was set in 2017 when he set the record by breaking both the world and WSS record.

Hoggs second best wave in 2018 was also a record breaker, breaking all three records.

Houg got his first WSB title in 2019, and then he took the record set in 2018 with his first ever world record by going the longest in a wave.

His biggest wave was of course, the biggest ever wave of surfing at this point, a record that stands for 11,000 meters.

He has won three World Surfed titles, one World Surf Champion

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