Why the new Surfer Pier?

The new Surfing Pier in Surfing City Pier will offer a lot of surf and water entertainment, but there will also be some water entertainment for the less lucky.

Surfing City will also host an outdoor skate park with skateboarding on the Pier, and they will be bringing back some of the classic skateboards that they have used since the late 1980s.

They will also have a small boat, and there will be a lot more fun with the new surf beach.

Here is the full list of entertainment at SurfingCityPier, which is located at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Surf City Pier:Friday, July 14: SURF CITYPIDGE 10:00am-5:00pmFriday, August 7: CULTURE 7:00-8:00 pmSaturday, August 8: HARDBALL 8:30am-12:00 noonSaturday, September 5: MISSION 10am-3:00 p.mSaturday, October 5:  SHOPPING 7pm-11pmSunday, October 6: TACOS 9:00 a.m.-1:00 amSunday, November 11: SHOPS 10pm-3amTuesday, December 15: STANDING ON 9am-1pmWednesday, December 16: WATERFALL 12pm-1:30pmWednesday

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