US, Australia to allow use of leash surfing in public – BBC News

The US, the UK and Australia are all expected to announce soon that they will allow use in public of dogs and other animals on leash in the country’s parks and beaches.

The move comes as part of the Paris climate agreement, which will see the use of leashes banned in parks and public spaces for up to 15 days.

“This is an important milestone,” said Nick Guellner, who heads the European Council for Dog Welfare, which represents the European Union’s most prominent animal welfare organisation.

“These are the most stringent and effective regulations anywhere in the world.” 

However, Guelner said the new rules, which were introduced in November, will still apply to people, not just dogs. 

“The only difference is that the law is now clear on how to apply it,” he told BBC News.

“What you can’t do is bring dogs into parks and you can bring dogs onto beaches.

You can’t have them swimming in the sea.” 

The US ban, announced on Monday, will apply to dogs up to four months old, cats and other pets.

The UK and Canada will allow it up to three months old.

In the US, dogs must be at least six months old and cannot be leashed more than 24 hours a day.

The US has also banned the use or sale of leashed pets on public beaches, beaches and waterways.

The European Union will soon adopt similar rules in Europe.

“The UK and France are moving towards adopting the US legislation,” said Peter Taylor, a UK campaigner for the Dog Welfare League, which is the main organisation behind the Paris accord.

“So far, there is no official comment from the US on the UK’s proposal, but the EU has said it will be looking into this issue and taking its own decision.” 

In France, which has banned leashes for pets since 1996, the ban will be in place for dogs up for adoption starting in 2019.

The EU is also considering similar legislation. 

Meanwhile, Australia has already announced it will allow the use in parks of leash-free dogs in public spaces from 2019, while the US is due to adopt similar laws in the US.

 “There are many reasons why the United States should follow Australia’s lead,” said Taylor.

“Australia has a much higher standard of care for its wildlife, and they have a much more extensive experience with dogs and the use and care of pets.”

This is a major step in the right direction.” 

What you need to know about leashes: Dog owners are also in a position to take a greater interest in the welfare of their pets, and some people are becoming increasingly concerned about how their pets are being treated.

A recent survey conducted by animal welfare group Animals Australia found that almost two-thirds of people were concerned about dogs being left alone on public spaces and one-third said they had witnessed dogs being abused or neglected.

“People are aware of the problems and they are trying to do something about it.” “

A lot of people have a real concern about dog behaviour, whether it be in a park, or in their home,” he said.

“People are aware of the problems and they are trying to do something about it.” 

For more stories like this, visit the BBC News page here. 

This article was originally published on March 20, 2020

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