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Japanese anime-oriented manga series, known as waikoku, has been getting a lot of attention in recent years, with the likes of the Sailor Moon franchise and YuYu Hakusho having made the jump to streaming platforms.

While some anime fans are fond of the genre, others feel the anime-themed manga is just plain bad.

Here are the top 5 anime-related manga series currently available on Crunchyroll, which is the largest streaming platform for the medium.1.

Kawaii Waikiri Surfer (Yasukazu Kageyama)Yasuke Kageysu Kaga (Yasuhiro Arai)Kaga’s Kawaii Waka-sama waikai is a series that focuses on the adventures of the popular surfboarder, Waka.

The series is known for its colorful art and whimsical characters, and has been adapted into several anime movies.2.

Kawai no Hoshi wa (Yumi Kajiura)Yumi (Yui Kaji)Kajiura’s Kawai No Hoshi is a manga series that follows the adventures and adventures of a group of girls named Sakura.

The characters and stories focus on girls’ friendships and the relationships between friends, and the series was adapted into a short anime film in 2018.3.

Yakuza: Dead or Alive 5 (Tomokazu Seki)Seki is a well-known anime series that is known primarily for its comedic elements.

The anime was adapted for live-action films in 2014, but was not released until 2018.4.

Oreshika (Kyohei Horikoshi)The Oreshikans are a bunch of anthropomorphic cats from the popular anime series, Kyohei’s Cat.

In the show, Oreshia (a.k.a.

Shigeru Ishida) is a cat with the ability to speak Japanese.

He is the main antagonist of the series.5.

Kurogane no Rakuen (Tomoki Kajiuri)Koji Kajiuragi is an otaku and manga author who created the manga series Kuroganes Revenge.

He has also written a manga adaptation of Naruto manga.

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