How to Make a Sandwich on a Plane

A plane has made it to the moon, but that’s only the start.

The United States Space and Rocket Center in Florida has released a new video demonstrating how a single pizza can be made on the Moon.

It’s called Pizza Express and the video, shot by the agency’s Pizza Science Center, takes the viewer through the process of assembling a pizza with a rocket.

It’s part of the agency and the United States’ first flight to the Moon is planned for 2021.

The video begins with a demonstration of a simple sandwich on the ground.

As the viewer turns their head and takes a closer look, a rocket nozzle appears and the sandwich is ready to be eaten.

After eating the sandwich, the viewer can see the rocket nozzle at the base of the pizza.

The Pizza Science Centre describes the rocket as the “first step” in the process.

“This rocket nozzle is what you see when you turn your head and eat the sandwich,” the narrator says.

“The rocket nozzle acts as a heat shield, deflecting the hot air from the airfoil and the pizza to prevent it from burning.”

The Pizza Science centre explains that the first stage of the rocket is the “power rocket” and that it fires off the first few hundred pounds of thrust and the rocket pushes the pizza on the plane.

The rocket then accelerates and starts to climb towards the Moon, at a speed of about 10 miles per hour.

The first stage is then launched into the air, the rocket fires off its second stage and it’s a slow burn.

The Pizza science centre explains how the rocket can perform a 360-degree spin in its ascent, allowing the pizza crust to get the full force of the explosion.

Once the rocket reaches the surface of the Moon and the crust burns up, the pizza gets sent into the atmosphere and the rest of the ingredients are left behind.

The video ends with the rocket going down to the surface and making a splash of water to show the audience that the pizza has been safely landed.

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