Hawaii’s tsunami surf bar is opening up shop for tourists

Surf bar owner and Hawaiian legend, Brian Tressel, has opened up shop in Honolulu, Hawaii to take advantage of the surge of visitors.

Tressels family owned and operated surf bar Surf Bar has been operating for more than 40 years.

Surf Bar owner Brian Trelsel said the wave season is finally over and people are looking for a safe and enjoyable way to enjoy Hawaii’s beaches.

“People come out to surf, they come in for the sun and they surf,” Tressell said.

“We’re kind of a part of the local surfing community, and people come out and they do it because it’s their favorite part of their holiday.”

Tressels family began surfing on the Big Island in the 1940s, but he said the current wave season has been very mild and he’s only seen one other customer.

“The surf is the best surf, so I would say it’s probably the safest surf for the beach,” he said.

Surf bar patrons have been sharing their tips on how to avoid getting swamped by waves.

One Hawaiian man, Mike Lassiter, said he used to swim in the surf and he knows many of his friends have gotten swept off their boards and hurt.

“It’s pretty dangerous.

When I saw that, I was like, ‘OK, I’m gonna have to find a way to get my friend out of there,'” Lassitor said.

Trelsell said he also wants to help surfers who get caught in a surf wave and needs their help finding them.

“You know what, we’re really fortunate, so that’s where we’re gonna be,” Trelsels said.

It is unknown if Surf Bar will open in Hawaii, but it’s certainly a safe haven for surfers looking to get away from the sun.

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