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The Australian surf rod and paddle manufacturer Hansens has announced plans to expand its business into Australia and is expanding its Australian operations to include a second location in Melbourne.

Key points:The new store will open in the Melbourne suburb of Westfield, which will be one of the biggest locations in the countryHansens was recently purchased by the Australian firm Surf MatlabHansen has already been in Australia for the last three years and currently has two Australian locationsThe new shop will open next yearThe Australian surf rods and paddle company said it was looking for a “global partner” to provide its manufacturing facility in MelbourneThe company said the expansion would allow it to further its business in the “global surfing market” and that it was in the process of hiring “global talent” to work in the new Melbourne location.

It said the new location would have a “substantial and growing” market, and was already in the midst of recruiting more staff.

“Hansins’ global surf rod business is one of Australia’s fastest growing industries, and we believe this expansion will be a significant milestone in the growth of our Australian footprint,” Hansens chief executive officer David Dyer said in a statement.

“In a highly competitive and rapidly changing surfing market, our expansion to Melbourne will provide us with a highly productive, fast-growing and highly competitive manufacturing and supply facility, and further increase our competitiveness in a rapidly expanding global surfing market.”

The company, which makes paddle boards, paddles and rods, has a presence in Australia and has been manufacturing in Australia since 2010.

The new Melbourne store will be the company’s second in Australia.

The company has been operating its Melbourne headquarters in Melbourne since 2010 and has expanded its operations into several other Australian locations.

Hansons said in February that it had been in talks with Surf MatLab and its Australian partners since October.

The Melbourne store is expected to open in 2019, while the Westfield location will open at the end of 2020.

The firm has also been involved in a number of global expansion projects in recent years, including a $4.5 million expansion at its Perth factory, which it launched in 2015.

The current location, which opened in 2008, has the capacity to produce 10 million paddles annually.

It is a significant expansion for the company, with the existing store producing around 4 million paddls in a year.

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