How to surf the Israeli surf culture

When you are in the country, you are exposed to surf culture.

The way that Israelis enjoy surfing is the best example of the Arab-Israeli connection.

There is a place in Tel Aviv called Surfing Israel, where you can get your own surf board and surf in the sun.

When I was a kid, I could do a surf trip there, but since I was in high school, I have always been more into surfboarding.

Surf is an art, an art that is a reflection of our people and our culture.

There are many beaches in the Jewish Quarter, and we go there quite a lot, for surf, for the beach, for our favorite beaches.

Surfing in Israel is more about the surfing than the surfing itself.

There’s no beach there, and there is no surf board.

When you go there, you have to get the surfboard, and it’s just the surf board, and the board is only for surfing.

And if you’re lucky, you’ll get a board that’s a bit bigger than you expected, or that is the size of your board.

But for me, it was the surfing.

When people are going surfing, there are two different things going on.

First, there’s the surfing, the surfing is more important than the surf.

If you have a board with a very big surfboard on it, you don’t have the freedom to surf, so you have this kind of an attitude toward surfing.

It’s more important to surf than surfing is.

You have to think about it.

Second, there is the surfing culture.

We have surfboards, but there is a certain type of surf that we’re used to, a certain kind of surf style, the kind of surfing that you would want to surf.

Surfboards are the most popular kind of board.

You can get a surfboard for around 100 shekels (about $4.80).

The board itself is about four or five centimeters long, and when you put it on, you get a really big board.

We surf in a very comfortable way.

I don’t want to be like, “Wow, look at that,” but we have to keep our distance from other people.

The waves are not that great.

I just look at the wave and I surf.

And I always surf in pairs, because I can see what’s happening behind me and what’s going to happen to me, and if it’s going well, I’ll go for it.

I’ve been surfing for so long that I’ve got good surfboarding technique, but I don´t like to try too hard.

The wave is so big that you have no time to think, and you just want to hit the wave.

I think that’s the most important thing.

When someone is surfing, it’s like when you’re surfing in a sport.

When they’re doing something, you can only do one thing.

It has to be good, and good surfboards are not cheap.

When it comes to surfing, you really need good surfboard to surf like you would a surf course.

And you have an experience with surfing that is different from the surfing that most Israelis are used to.

When a group of surfers meets, you see a lot of people who are not surfers, who are just doing it for fun.

When we go to Surfing France, we do that a lot.

There, we surf on the beach and we have a lot more fun than when we go surfing in Israel.

You meet a lot people who don’t surf, and they’re not really happy about it, and that´s the way surfing is, to be honest.

So when I surf, I think about the surf culture, because that´ll be more important.

I also think about how I can help the surfers who come to Surf France.

They are doing great.

We meet in the evening and we surf for an hour and a half.

It´s good to go to a beach and go to surf with your friends, and I think it´s great that people can have fun in that way.

When there are surfboards around, there will be people who go surfing and surf a lot because of the surfboards.

Surfs and surfers have an important role in the Israeli culture.

It is a tradition.

Surfer culture is very important, because surfing in France is very much a cultural phenomenon.

Surffers are not only surfing, they are also dancing.

I know that there are people who dance in the surf, but we also have surfers in Surfing Paris.

Surfi, which is surf, is a very important element of surfing.

We know that when you go to France, you go surfing, and surfing is something that people are very passionate about.

I want to help surfers to go surfing again, because the surf is one of the most powerful elements of surfing in the Arab world. When

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