How to surf without a surfboard in your backyard

If you are a person who likes to surf in the sun, then this is the video for you.

The beach surf video, created by artist Manasquans Santa Cruz and uploaded to YouTube, shows surfers riding in the sand at the beach with nothing but a surf board and sandals on the sand.

Manasqua said the idea came to him after surfing the surf, and after a lot of surfing.

Manascans SantaCruz video shows surf surfers surfing on the beach in Santa Cruz, California.

“I thought, why can’t we surf in sand?

I wanted to create something that could be done with a surfboards or surfing shoes, but it was really fun,” he told ABC News.

Manasiaquans video, titled “The Manasque”, has already been viewed more than 3.8 million times.

It features beach surfers from around the world riding in sand with nothing more than their surfboard and sandal.

“A surfboard is not enough to surf on the ocean,” Manasiaquin said.

“You need a surf, a helmet, a surf helmet, and a surf paddle.”

Manasiaqans Santa, Santa Cruz’s surfing coach, said he decided to make the video to help kids learn to surf.

“They don’t know how to surf, so they have to learn,” he said.

The video, which is in the public domain, also features surfers being taught the basic fundamentals of surfing on a surf surfboard.

The surfboard teaches surfers how to ride, how to stand up, how much they can push, and how to wave their board.

Manjasquans, the Santa Cruz surfing coach said he’s working with other local surfers to make a video for schools, beach clubs, and schools of all ages.

“It’s very important for kids to learn the basics, how the ocean works,” he explained.

Maniasquans also has a YouTube channel where people can learn more about surfing.

He said the video is being shared in a number of other places.

“There’s an incredible amount of surfing and surfing surfers, so I thought we should make a little video for them,” Maniasquin said, adding that he hopes that it will inspire others to learn.

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