How to take your vaporizer to the next level

A new electronic vaporizer has been unveiled by a company in China.

The Vaporizer is made of aluminum and uses liquid to heat your food, and you can even get your coffee in it.

The device comes with a built-in battery that will last you up to three hours, and it will work with the popular Chinese brand, Surfing Deer.

The company is also selling a smartphone app for those who are curious.

The Surfing deer app allows users to get information about the device, as well as to buy and use it, according to a video posted to the company’s website.

The app will also allow users to set timers and add new vaporizer modes.

According to the video, the Vaporizer can be used to heat up coffee, meat, or other ingredients, as long as it has the right temperature.

The app will not allow users with allergies to consume any product.

Users can buy a vaporizer at Surfing Duck’s website for around 1,200 yuan ($21), according to the website.

The device will be released in China on September 10, and users will need to pay the shipping costs.

The company is trying to appeal to younger users, and will be opening up more cafes in Shanghai.

In Shanghai, Surfing Deer currently has 15 cafes.

It has plans to open more cafes by the end of 2018.

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