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This week, surfboarder and surfer Kate Sipko had the chance to sit down with her sister, Brooke Siposki, to chat about surfing.

Kate, who is from South Africa, has been surfing the world since she was 12 years old, and is currently the first African woman to win the Miss Surf Awards in her native country.

The sisters sister shared her story, which is something that Kate couldn’t be happier to share. 

She said: “I am the only one in my family who has been on the waves. 

I am a surfer for life. 

It’s amazing to see my brother be so happy to be surfing.”

Kate said she was initially nervous about the challenge of getting on a surfboard, but she was able to get her confidence up quickly.

Kate said: “When I first saw the surfboard I was like, ‘Oh my God, what are you doing on this thing?

“Once I got on the board, I realised I could surf the wave. “

And it felt amazing. “

Once I got on the board, I realised I could surf the wave. 

And it felt amazing. 

The waves were amazing.

I was just so happy. 

So I had to get the confidence and be like, this is it, I’m going to be the best.”

Kate also said that her sister was always the first to help out when she was down. 

Kate said: I would always ask her if she needed help, and she would always say yes. 

You can watch Kate Sipping off a Wave for the first time in her new documentary, Surfing Witch: Here . 

Kate also shared that her first surf lesson with her brother was when she started out at a local surf school in South Africa. 

Read more about Kate’s journey here: Surf Witch: Kate Sips Off a Wave. 

Surfer Brooke Sips On Surfin’ Out: Kate Siposky on Surfboarding and Surfing.

Kate said that she had always been fascinated by surfing and her sister’s surfing. 

 Kate shared her own story about her first day of surfing:  “There was a friend of mine who lived on the beach and she had been doing a little surfing and she said to me, ‘What do you want to do?'” 

“And I said, ‘Well, I just want to surf.'” 

Kate’s first wave was in 2012 and it was a very small wave with a big wave coming. 

A friend of Kate’s told her that the wave was too big for her and she decided to just get off the wave and go back home. 

‘I don’t know if it’s because I am fat or what, but I feel like I’m not good enough’ Kate has had a lot of support from her sister since she started surfing.

Kate said she also got some help from her friend Brooke when she did her first wave, when she went back home and Brooke gave her some tips and encouragement. 

Brooke said: ‘I just really like surfing.

I like the fact that I can come home, get some food and go surf.’ 

Kate was inspired to continue her surfing after her first two waves, but her brother didn’t think it would be possible. 

Now, Brooke has joined her in her surf lessons. 

Here’s a video of Kate and Brooke taking part in a surf lesson together. 

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