What’s it like to surf on the beach at Malibu’s new beach?

A new beach at Los Angeles’ Malibu resort has opened and it’s got a name: the “Gilgo Surf Cam”.

The beach is one of the newest developments at Malbeau Beach in Malibu, Calif.

It’s the latest in a string of new developments that have sprung up in Malbeaus past.

It opened in 2018.

Read more about surfers, beach access, surf cam, beach source ABCNews.comWhat is the Gilgo Surf CAM?

It’s a new beach located at the end of the beach access path on Malbeaula Drive.

The beach is part of the Malibu Surf Cam project and was originally a part of a project by the city of Los Angeles to improve the access to the beach.

In the early 2000s, Malbeaux Beach was closed due to erosion.

The new beach is being built to accommodate the new visitors.

The beach has three sections: The beach area, the water park area and the beach area access.

It’s open to all ages, from families with children to the elderly and the handicapped.

The water park is wheelchair accessible.

The sand dunes are a great place to go for a sunset or sunset walk, according to Malbeafish.com.

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