Which brands surfs the latest movies?

A brand can’t compete with Disney, Netflix, Hulu, HBO and AMC, the leaders in entertainment content and services.

And while they’re getting better, the big boys are still far behind.

According to new data released by Surf Brands, surfers are getting increasingly bored of surfing brands, with just 14% of surfers saying they are satisfied with the surf brands they see on the screen in the future.

In contrast, 65% of consumers said they were satisfied with their current brands.

While many brands have gotten better, it’s not a new trend.

In the past, surf brands were mostly just a catch-all for everything that was good about surf, such as cool designs, great surfers, good brands, surf friendly locations, and the like.

But as the industry continues to grow, it seems brands are finding it increasingly hard to compete with the newest offerings.

The survey found that more than half of respondents said they would watch less content if they had to choose.

While it’s understandable why consumers would want to avoid brands that are not on their radar right now, a survey like this is something brands need to pay attention to to see if they can gain back the trust of consumers.

Surf Brands also found that surfing brands are becoming more expensive to watch, with consumers spending $1.35 per watch instead of the previous average of $0.60.

For the most part, the survey didn’t break down viewership by brand, but it does indicate that surfing is becoming more popular with consumers.

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