How to make surf’s up music

It’s time to make music with the surf’sup soundtrack to the 2016 Presidential election.

Surf’s Up Music is a genre of music developed by Australian producer, producer, and artist, Kevin Shields.

Surfs Up is a hybrid of surf, rock, and funk that has a heavy metal feel to it.

This genre is the result of Shields developing a love for music that he describes as “a very raw, raw, punk rock” sound.

The music is currently being produced by Kevin Shields and has recently been featured on a video for the rapper, Drake, in which the two artists discuss the similarities between surfing and hip hop.

Surf has a strong musical history, and Shields said he wanted to bring surf’s music to the US as well.

Surf is a musical genre in which musicians like DJ Premier, Drake and many others have been heavily involved, but its not limited to music.

In fact, there are a lot of surf music artists who have made a living off of their music.

Here are some of the most influential surf music producers and producers to have played a part in the wave of surf’s recent popularity.

Kevin Shields was the first to truly bring surf to the masses, making it popular in the early 2000s.

He’s been a producer for over 10 years, working with acts like DJ Kool Moe Dee, The Thrillseekers, The Shins, and many more.

Kevin is also known for his music, which he calls “truly, soulful, uplifting music.”

His most recent project is called SurfsUp.

Kevin says that his music is “really just about what surf music sounds like, what it can do, and what it is supposed to be.”

He explained to me that his musical style is a combination of hip hop, surf, and a lot more.

“In surfing, I have a lot in common with many of the rappers who have been working on their music, including Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, and others.

These guys have a style of music that is extremely personal and very personal.

These are guys who are really about how you connect with yourself, your soul, your family, and your family’s soul.”

In his words, surf is a way to “come together and talk about what life means to you and how it feels to be in a certain place, to be alone, to feel like you’re never going to get anywhere.

It’s about being in your moment, being in a moment where you are, in a very vulnerable moment, but you’re in a way able to have a strong connection with others.”

Kevin has been working with other artists like Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, and The Roots.

The producers and artists behind the music of these artists all share a passion for surfing and their music is the product of their passion.

The surf music community is thriving, and we should all be proud of it.

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