Video shows moment an Oregon man was saved from a shark attack

Posted November 06, 2019 08:19:16A video shows a man being pulled from a pool by a large shark, only to be dragged into the water by another man.

The man is seen pulling the other man in front of him out of the water after a group of people gathered to watch the swim.

The group then swims to safety.ABC affiliate KATU reported that a man named James McNeil, of Portland, Oregon, was pulled out of his lifeguard’s pool and into a small boat.

He was rushed to a hospital, where he later died.

He is the second person to be pulled from the water and be rescued by the man he helped pull from the pool.

McNeil, 40, was in his early 40s, said his son, Zachary McNeil.

The two were best friends.

McNeil was working at a gas station on Sunday when a friend of a friend got into a fight with a man who had a gun and a knife, Zachery McNeil said.

The friend had been kicked out of their apartment and they decided to walk home, Zacharya McNeil told KATV.

He said the man told him to go to a gas bar where the fight had been.

McNeill, who was a licensed lifeguard at the time, pulled the other person from the swimming pool and pulled the lifeguard into the back of the boat.

McNichols friend pulled McNeil from the boat and into the boat with help from other people who witnessed the fight, Zacharies McNeil added.

McNeal and the other lifeguard dove in and started CPR.

They called the Oregon State Police.

A dive team eventually reached the victim and took him to the hospital, Zacharie McNeil recalled.

He was taken to Oregon State Hospital in Bend where he died.

The Oregon State Medical Examiner’s Office ruled his death a homicide.

The other man, who wasn’t named, has not been identified.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality released a statement saying the man was found at the bottom of the pool with what appeared to be blunt force trauma.

The agency said he was a registered diver and was working on a dive for his father.

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