How to get an awesome tattoo tattooed on your face

It’s not just the way your body looks that matters, says Katie Haggerty, a tattoo artist based in Portland, Oregon.

Her goal is to make your tattoo feel fresh and fresh and new and, at the same time, not feel like you’re trying too hard to imitate a tattooed celebrity.

“You know how in the world everyone looks alike?” she says.

“And what if you’re a supermodel?

Everyone looks like a model.

If you were a supermodels’ mother, that’s going to look very different than if you were the mom of a model’s son.”

Haggerity is the author of How to Get an Awesome Tattoo Tattooed on Your Face, and she’s got a pretty extensive list of tattoo suggestions on her website.

One of her best tips?

Try something that’s more than just a tattoo.

“Try to get a little bit of a tattoo on your forehead, and then on your lips, and on your cheekbones,” she says, “and then on the back of your neck, and so on.”

And then just take off.

You might not need all that, but it might make your skin feel a little smoother.

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