How to surf at Disneyland in 2017

You’re riding on the waves of Disneyland’s Surf Show and enjoying the beautiful ocean views as you explore the parks attractions.

But when the sun is setting, you’re left with no other choice but to swim in the water at the beach or sit on the sand for the perfect spot to get your fill of waves.

But don’t forget to take a swim in one of the parks pool areas, as they offer the perfect places to chill and relax.


The Beach: This is where you will find the most authentic and authentic beach experience in the park, as you’ll experience the ocean at its best.

The beach offers amazing surfers and surfers alike, as well as some of the most unique water environments in the parks.

Surfing is a great way to get a taste of the magic of the ocean, as the waves are always changing.

Take a break in one on the beach.


Beach Splash Park: When the sun sets, you’ll want to get out of the water to enjoy the ocean’s beauty and the spectacular views.

This is the perfect place to soak up some waves, grab some food, and relax for a few hours in one place.


Beach House: This beach house is where the real surfers go to relax and enjoy the view.

Located at the end of the beach, the beach house has a huge sand bar and a full kitchen area.

With an incredible view of the park and the bay, the Beach House is the place to be if you want to relax for hours or enjoy some fresh air.


The Wave Pool: This pool is where most of the best surfers have their moments of surfing and it’s a perfect place for relaxing.

The wave pool offers the perfect environment to soak in the waves and relax while soaking in the beautiful sun.

The pool is also a great place to catch some rays as you sit on a beach chair.


The Pool Club: This spot is where people go for the best pool experiences in the resort.

Located on the second floor, this place has a large outdoor pool with some nice seats and a huge fireplace.

This spot also offers the opportunity to sit on some chairs for the ultimate experience.


Beach Club: You’ll find this spot located on the top floor of the resort, which offers a pool that’s always changing and has a full bar.

This location is also the perfect space for relaxing, catching rays, and taking in the view of all the parks guests.


Pool Bar: This place is located on a balcony overlooking the park that is open for the public to relax on.

The bar has a comfortable area to relax while enjoying the sun.


Surfer Lounge: Surfing at the Beach is just one of many activities at the resort that you can enjoy.

The Surfer lounge offers a full sized outdoor pool, and is perfect for those who enjoy surfing and sun bathing.

Surfers can sit on chairs to relax or hang out and get their sunburn on. 9.

Surf Bar: When you are in the sun at the pool, you can relax and watch the waves.

The Surf Bar is where it’s all about enjoying the waves, with the bar having a big bar area that you are able to enjoy some great food.

Surfers can also sit on various chairs to get some more sun in. 10.

Surf Pool: While enjoying the view, you will enjoy some surf on the Beach Club.

The surf pool is the ideal spot to catch waves and soak in those amazing waves.


The Dunes: While in the sand, you may want to soak away a little more to get into the sand and relax your body and mind.

Enjoy some waves and enjoy some of Disney’s signature flavors while soaking up the sand.


Beach Party: Enjoy the great views of the Pacific Ocean from the beach at the park.

Beach Parties are where you can get together and hang out with other surfers.

Surfs can get into a group of five to a six to have a great time and have a good time with other Disney resort guests.


Surfin’ Safari: You can relax at the water’s edge at the Surfin’s Safari when you’re not in the surf.

You’ll enjoy a relaxing experience while enjoying some of your favorite Disney Beach flavors and the beach’s sand bar.


Beach Pool: When it’s time to take your breaks, you have many options when it comes to surfing.

The best time to surf is from sunrise to sunset when the surf is at its highest.

You can also enjoy the waves at the top of the wave pool as you relax and soak up the ocean.

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