How to surf the wave in your own backyard

A surfer on the North Shore of San Diego has taken a new approach to surfing the surf in his backyard.

The surf-loving surfer, who goes by the name Murph the Surf, said that while he likes to surf with his family, he also likes to share his experiences with the public.

He said the surf was an amazing experience for him to share.

“When you’re surfing, you’re in the water and you’re not really looking at the surf.

You’re just trying to have fun.

It’s a fun place to be,” Murph said.

“If you can’t enjoy that, you need to have a place to sit and watch the waves roll by.”

Surfers usually spend at least five hours a day, but he said he often spends an extra hour or two, as he’s often getting on board to get off the waves.

He said that he often goes into the water alone to surf and to get some distance from his family.

He has had several surfer friends, but not as many as he had last year, but said that his surfing has grown as the years have gone on.

“This year, I got a couple new people,” Murphe said.

“We have been getting really good feedback on how it feels to be in a place where you don’t really have a lot of other people around.

I’m definitely getting a lot more people into it.”

Murph said that the idea of surfing at his home, in the ocean, was something he’d been dreaming about for a long time.

“I’ve always been really passionate about surfing,” he said.

He added that he hopes to continue sharing his surfing adventures and hopes that more people will enjoy surfing the waves in their backyard.

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