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The Top 20 Most Surfing Terms in Surf City

The top 20 most surf-related terms you need to know in order to be surfing the internet the right way.There’s no way around it: surfers love surf terms.We love them.Here are the top 20 surf terms in SurfCity: 1.Surfboard (board) surfboard,board,surfboard,boards,surfer board,surfinest board,board surfing board,tourist board surfboard 2.Surfline surfline,surfriding,surfiiding,board surfline surf line,surfacelink surfline 3.Surfers board […]

How to Get Away with Murder’s Surf Shoes

Cabo Surf Hotel is a resort in Cabo de Dios, Spain.It’s located on a sandbar in the northern part of the resort, just across the Spanish-Guadeloupe border.The resort’s name comes from the word “cabo”, which means “shoes”.Surf shoes are the surfers go-to footwear.Surf shoes have to be purchased in advance, and if you get them, […]

A surf shop owner gets paid to surf and a couple of strangers buy a few tickets to an upcoming event

Surfers and tourists alike gather at a surf shop in San Francisco, Calif.last month to celebrate the surf season.The owner of the shop is also the proprietor of the surf park where the event is taking place.But when the park opens, the owner of another surf shop on the street is going to be forced […]

How to stop the trolls

The Internet is now populated by a “troll army” that trolls and harasses others for no reason other than the fact that they share the same worldview and identity as the Internet’s creators.The term troll was coined by computer scientist and entrepreneur Kevin Kelly, who was frustrated by the fact he couldn’t find a way […]

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