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Surfing gear, robots, and a new wave of robots in the NFL

The NFL’s new wave is surfers and bots.It’s surf goggles, surf shields, surf helmets, surf chairs and surf boards.The new wave includes all-in-one surfboards, surfboards with a high-speed action and a surfboard with surfboards built to surf the waves, like surfboard No. 12.It also includes surf helmets that are lightweight, have full-face protection and offer […]

Which brands surfs the latest movies?

A brand can’t compete with Disney, Netflix, Hulu, HBO and AMC, the leaders in entertainment content and services.And while they’re getting better, the big boys are still far behind.According to new data released by Surf Brands, surfers are getting increasingly bored of surfing brands, with just 14% of surfers saying they are satisfied with the […]

Why I’m still playing the game of ‘Survivor’ and why I don’t want to die again

I’m not going to die this season of “Survivors” but I am sad I’m finally done.It’s the first time since last year’s season that I’ve had to leave.My first two seasons were rough, too.I’ve missed out on my chance to win it all, but I’m proud of the fact that I finally made it out […]

Why Are So Many Surfing Lessons Not Going Viral?

It’s one of the biggest mysteries of the modern surfing scene.In recent years, people have been sharing surf lessons online and sharing tips with friends and family members.But what exactly is the purpose of these lessons?And what can you do to share them with your friends?That’s the main question surf matLab, a surf training and […]

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