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How to Swim in Belmar: Surf Curses

It’s an annual tradition in Belmars paradise: the Belmar Surf Curse.Belmar resident and local surfer Jeff Lebereaux is responsible for the curse, and it’s something he’s proud to share.He says, “I love it.It’s a way to celebrate surfing and surfing culture.You get to see your friends and family on the waves.It makes a statement.”Belmar resident […]

How to prevent a tsunami of nudity and surfing from invading your backyard

With the tsunami of bikini-clad women, beachgoers, and bikini-shops all over the world, you’d think the world’s beaches would be deserted.But what if there’s a tsunami that hits your neighborhood, too?That’s exactly what happens when a tsunami hits an island.Here’s how to prevent the tsunami from hitting your home and your community.The Japanese tsunami hits […]

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