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Surfing gear, robots, and a new wave of robots in the NFL

The NFL’s new wave is surfers and bots.It’s surf goggles, surf shields, surf helmets, surf chairs and surf boards.The new wave includes all-in-one surfboards, surfboards with a high-speed action and a surfboard with surfboards built to surf the waves, like surfboard No. 12.It also includes surf helmets that are lightweight, have full-face protection and offer […]

How the new surfing bracelet is making waves – Part 1

The surf bracelet is a new product that’s making waves in the surfing world.It’s the first wearable device that has been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).Surf bracelets are devices that contain a wireless radio chip to detect when a surfer is standing in a particular area and can transmit a radio signal to […]

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